What is Marketing?

Marketing is a Process.

The process of asking lots of questions. And listening.

Conducting research. Listening some more.

Prototyping. Listening.

Measuring and prototyping some more. Listening.

And then, when something starts to work, do more of that.

Keep measuring. Keep testing. Keep listening.

Especially listening.

Because, what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow.

Stay Productive.

My business friends are amazing. I’m observing numerous ways in which they are staying productive during these unsettling and uncertain times.

One longtime friend and very successful small business owner, has decided to update her website on her own. Although her web team usually takes care of updates for her, she is determined to use some of this downtime to learn how to make quick updates herself. She is fully capable of learning how to use her content management system and, when she has done so, I can only imagine how good she will feel. An added benefit is that she will, most likely, keep her site more up-to-date than ever before. In today’s ever-changing business climate, the ability to accurately portray her products and services will help her remain fresh in her marketplace.

Another colleague has started a new company — yes, in these uncertain times. He is finding that he is now able to focus a bit more easily on his new venture, since his existing business is “a bit quiet at the moment.” Sometimes, our dreams are never realized because we’re too busy focusing on our core activity. I suspicion this new entity will succeed with flying colors!

One of my neighbors, who is an extremely savvy business owner, is finally taking the time to get started on social media. She knows she should have done this long ago, but her business was thriving anyway. I suspect she’ll thrive even more soon.

Yet another business friend had always been curious to try email marketing for her company. She has recently taught herself how to design and launch an email campaign using one of the many readily available free tools. After her first campaign, she immediately gained a new client and will, most likely, make email marketing an integral part of her overall marketing strategy.

What about you?

What are you doing to stay productive in these unprecedented times?

Please share your experiences.

4 Quick Steps to Effective Marketing

Profits.jpgToday, effective marketing is more about brains than it is about budget. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, you’ve no excuse not to jump into the fray. Here are 4 quick steps to finding your marketing sweet spot:

  1. Prototype like crazy. Faster experiments mean better results.
  2. Measure, but don’t over-measure. Use your gut, too.
  3. Re-tool and correct. Adaptability is key.
  4. Repeat.

The bottom line? Just get started. Today’s pace doesn’t allow for stragglers.