Day 121

by Rebecca Cochran

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At the beginning of 2016, I began a personal experiment. I call it My Year of Bach. As a flutist, for as long as I can remember, Johann Sebastian Bach has been my favorite composer. I’ve written about Bach several times here in this space.

I decided to challenge myself by writing a short daily post on some aspect of Bach and his music. Otherwise, I didn’t set too many more rules. Like I said, this is an experiment, and I think we all need to experiment more.

My original goals were these:

  • Post daily
  • Learn as I go
  • Share what I learn
  • Enjoy myself

Now, 4 months in, I can report that I’ve achieved my original goals and more! I have posted daily, mostly “living in the moment,” rather than writing and scheduling posts ahead of time. This approach challenges me to be more observant, remaining on “high alert” for anything even remotely related to Bach that crosses my path each day. I’m conducting quick research, online and off. I’m asking more questions. I’m starting conversations with strangers. I’m listening more intently and attending more concerts and recitals. What I discover today will probably end up in tomorrow’s post. Bach is everywhere.

I’m learning to write more quickly. And, more importantly, I’m learning to trust what I write, rather than second-guessing myself. (There’s no time for that!)

I’m maintaining focus. Rather than going down rabbit holes in search of photos to accompany my posts, I’m staying focused on my writing.

I’m learning a great deal about my favorite composer. Every day, I seem to have yet another “aha moment” about some aspect of JSB. The more I learn about Bach, the more I want to learn.

In sharing my daily posts via Twitter, I am making new friends all over the world. I’m receiving wonderful comments (“Thank you, your latest post has helped me finish my term paper!”), great questions (“How do you recommend I start building a Bach listening library?”) and words of encouragement (“Wow! Keep up the good work; I know you can make it to Day 366!”).

Most importantly of all, I’m having fun!

Your Latest Prototype

BoxOfCardsI often hear entrepreneurs and business owners say things like, “I hardly dipped into my last box of business cards before they became outdated. Arrgh! Now, I’ll have to reprint them again!”

My response is twofold. First, digital printing costs being as low as they are, most of us could reprint our business cards every month without going broke. Second (and more importantly), if you’re not using up your box of business cards, you must be doing something right!

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we should be rethinking and reinventing ourselves (and our companies) constantly. If we’re not changing and evolving, we’re probably lagging behind our competitors.

Think of your box of business cards as your latest prototype. If you’re getting close to finishing up the box, it may be time to look in the mirror, take stock and make some changes.

Contact me if you need some guidance.

by Rebecca Cochran