rebecca cochran

“I think we can all be designers, no matter what business we’re in. Design is simply training your brain to reach towards the future, rather than banking on ideas from the past. Thinking like a designer is a prerequisite for success today.”

“I’ve always had an appetite for learning. To this day, I love the research phase of a relationship, be it a relationship with a new client or a new friend.”

“The interweaving of talents is what sets me apart. This naturally seamless blending of my design, business and classical music training and experience is why I get hired.”  

“The greatest honor of all is being able to share my passions and talents with others.”

With a background in music, business and design, founder Rebecca Cochran is as comfortable in a board meeting as she is on a concert stage. She brings her design savvy to every business meeting and her business sense to every creative briefing. Fond of brainstorming and rapid prototyping, she thrives on discovering new ways to move companies forward.

Cochran Creative Group. Marketing and Design.

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