What we all need to know about aging and driving

Collaborating with other PR professionals, we designed and implemented an education and public awareness campaign to educate Washington, DC area residents about the effects of age on driving ability and to encourage drivers to make wise choices as they grow older. We interfaced with a host of non-profit agencies including the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, AARP, U.S. Administration on Aging, National Highway Traffic Safety Board and AAA. The program combined a speakers’ series, outdoor and transit advertising, website and community outreach efforts.

We created the GrandDriver name and visual identity:


and key messaging used in outdoor and transit advertising:



Since the initial campaign launch in Washington, DC, the program has been replicated in Virginia, Nevada, Florida and the UK.

by Rebecca Cochran

What’s in a name? Lots, actually

When challenged by a fellow musician/author/photographer to assist in naming and branding his new business entity, we jumped at the opportunity. The company offers expert-led trips to the musical capitals of Europe.

We did extensive research to determine what other tour operators were offering in this space. We had several brainstorming sessions and came up with literally hundreds of possible names for the company.

IMFAfter the name was finally chosen, we developed a marketing tagline, and then, brought everything together in a visual representation of the brand. Click here to see more.


by Rebecca Cochran