Prototyping You

BoxofcardsI often hear entrepreneurs and business owners say things like, “I hardly dipped into my last box of business cards before they became outdated. Arrgh! Now, I’ll have to reprint them again!”

My response is twofold. First, digital printing costs being as low as they are, most of us could reprint our business cards every month without going broke. Second (and more importantly), if you’re not using up your box of business cards, you must be doing something right!

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we should be rethinking and reinventing ourselves (and our companies) constantly. If we’re not changing and evolving, we’re probably lagging behind our competitors.

Think of your box of business cards as your latest prototype. If you’re getting close to finishing up the box, it may be time to look in the mirror, take stock and make some changes.

by Rebecca Cochran