What’s in a name? Lots, actually

When challenged by a fellow musician/author/photographer to assist in naming and branding his new business entity, we jumped at the opportunity. The company offers expert-led trips to the musical capitals of Europe.

We did extensive research to determine what other tour operators were offering in this space. We had several brainstorming sessions and came up with literally hundreds of possible names for the company.

IMFAfter the name was finally chosen, we developed a marketing tagline, and then, brought everything together in a visual representation of the brand. Click here to see more.


by Rebecca Cochran

Rebranding a nonprofit — online and off

BustWhen asked to assist a non-profit organization with the redesign of its website, I met with staff and board members several times before recommending an overall rebranding effort. The organization was founded nearly two decades ago to raise money to fund research for a biological breast cancer test. It is the only organization in the world with the single mission of finding a test to detect breast cancer earlier.

I interviewed key staff and constituents to learn more about where the organization had been. Next, I facilitated a brainstorming session to begin to unearth new ideas. The session included an extensive wordplay and lots of “what if-ing.” I framed the brainstorm such that no idea was too offbeat or unworthy of consideration. We wrote down literally everything.

As a result of these efforts, we determined that in order to reach a more global audience of researchers and online donors, the name of the organization needed to change. The answer happened to be right in front of us  — the URL already in use became the new name of the organization. Here are the “Before” and “After” identities.



by Rebecca Cochran