Out of thin air, a tagline appears

We were hired by Barudan, a global manufacturer of high-end embroidery machines, to create a series of trade ads for use in print and online. As we interviewed Barudan staff and customers, we began to recognize a pattern. The majority of Barudan customers had purchased their equipment after first purchasing a less expensive, less dependable brand. Time after time, we heard, “If only I had purchased a Barudan first, I would have saved myself a lot of downtime.” Barudan offers the best warranty, best training and best customer service in the industry. None of the customers we interviewed mentioned price.


As we began to concept the trade ads, a tagline evolved: “Right from the start.”

We hadn’t been hired, initially, to develop a marketing tagline. We were simply doing our usual job of listening, observing and synthesizing. Barudan has used the tagline in its global branding ever since.

by Rebecca Cochran