Life Editing

Rather than making “Resolutions” this weird New Year, I’ve decided to do some “Life Editing.” What follows is my A to Z list of items and habits I’m vowing to edit out of my life as a way to make room for more good stuff !

A      Adverbs: Because life is short, isn’t it, Ernest?

B      Babbling: Who wants to listen to all my useless small talk anyway?

C      Cheap French Wine:  Où est le point ? Taste is everything !

D      Dillydallying: Life’s too short to waste time !

E      Exaggerating: Why make circumstances seem wilder than they really are?

F      Following: Lead, instead.

G      Giving Up: Keep going, even when I think I can’t.

H      Hurrying: If I’m constantly hurrying through life, I may miss out on some of the good stuff !

I        Good Intentions: Don’t just plan, act !

J       Junk Food: No explanation needed, right?

K      Knickknacks: Curios, collectibles or clutter? Pare it down !

L       Lonely: The ‘2020 Word of the Year’, right? Learn to enjoy time alone, which is so different than being lonely.

M      Moderation: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth going all-in, right?

N      Nightclubs: Hmmm… what’re nightclubs?

O      Overthinking: Again, life’s too short.

P      Perfectionism: It doesn’t really exist, so why bother?

Q      Quitting: Success is partly about not giving up. (See ‘G’ above.)

R      Retirement: Research shows that those who continue to engage in meaningful work enjoy longer, healthier lives.

S      I’m Stumped: Can’t think of a single “S” word worth giving up. You?

T       Television: Yes, even PBS.

U      Utopian Ideas: See ‘P’ above.

V      Very: My least favorite adverb. (See ‘A’ above.)

W     Worry: Why bother? Be happy !

X      :-x: Emoticons have never been my thing !

Y       Yes: Instead, learn to say “No” at least once a week.

Z       Zoom: Need I say more ?

What would you add to this list ?

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